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What is Complete Adviser?

Complete Adviser offers comprehensive information from highly qualified and experienced independent advisers.

  • Our Independence

    We rate funds and products irrespective of how they are distributed. We are not tied like many supermarket or best buy lists to advertisers or providers. You pay a fee to us to ensure you get Best Advice and there is no third party commission or advertising linked to this.

  • We are financially sound

    We have built the company together over a period of years and we have a solid and reliable base level of earnings that ensures that we cannot go bust even if new business reduces.

  • Our Qualified IFA advisers

    Finding a local adviser is relatively easy. Finding a truly independent higher quality adviser is more difficult. The adviser that oversees your advice (excluding insurance and mortgages) will have a Level B qualification for that advice and your adviser will state what his/her qualifications are.

  • Treating Customers Fairly

    If You don’t receive what You feel is value for money, we don’t expect to get paid Our business is our customers, we never forget that.

  • We are easy to reach

    We offer a range of methods of communication including email, phone, Skype etc.

Advice Rate Table

Investment Amount from To Charge
£60,001 £120,000 1%
£120,001 £250,000 0.8%
£250,001 £550,000 0.5%
£550,001 £750,000 0.45%
Greater than £750,001 0.35%

The above costs are for non-face-to-face advice conducted over the internet or telephone using modern technology e.g. Skype and email and reply on you, the customer, to provide and respond to requests for information and self-completion of documentation e.g. fact find, risk assessment, application forms etc.

How it works?

  1. Plan
  2. Review
  3. Analyse
  4. Invest

Our Awards

Our awards

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