Who is complete adviser?

Complete adviser is a part of the award winning Aisa group; it is a financial website that allows you to have the option to choose to take advice for a low upfront fee or to become an execution only customer where you are not interested in receiving advice on the financial products brought through complete adviser.

What is RDR? How does this affect me?

RDR stands for Retail Distribution Review, it was launched by the FSA to improve the professionalism of the financial industry, improve consumer confidence by offering clearer charges and Customers will be entitled to more professional advice; adviser must hold the appropriate qualification and sign up to the new ethical code. This mean you as the customer will benefit from higher quality financial advice, you will have a much better understanding on what you been advised on and at what cost.

How secure is Complete Adviser?

We are very serious about security; we make sure your information is kept 100% safe and secure. The platform we use is called Ascentric and they use 128-bit encryption. Both Aisa and Ascentric are fully FSA regulated.

How much does it cost?

Complete Adviser makes a guarantee of providing quality and regulated financial advice to everyone by offering a low cost fee up front. The fee varies for the service or investment requested and it is clearly labeled up-front before you sign to commence.

How does execution only work?

Execution only means you will buy financial products and investments without receiving any advice on its suitability. The execution only side of the website is not for everyone and you should feel confident when choosing to process alone. By choosing to be execution only client you will be issued with a disclaimer stating that you are taking full responsibility of any decision you make. You are not covered by the financial ombudsmen if you do not take advice. Aisa suggest you seek advice before purchasing.

What can I buy through complete adviser?

Being a part of the Aisa group we are able to offer you a wide choice of investments and insurance including pension, ISA’s, SIPP, term and critical illness cover.

How do I decide which part of the website is relevant to me?

It simple! – If you are new to finance or not sure what sort of product or investment you are looking for, then we encourage you contact us and have us guide you through the process following the route of an advice customer. But if you know exactly what you’re looking for and are happy to buy online at your own risk without receiving any advice then you can consider execution only.

How do I book an appointment with a financial adviser?

The Aisa team are always happy to help you, use the contact details provided located at the bottom of every page to call, email or Skype our administration team who will then pass your information on to one of our adviser who will then contact you. You can also request a call back by putting your contact details to the contact form and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

What am I investing in?

All investing will be done through our selected platform at that time; we constantly review which platform to be utilised as we are independent; Ascentric is the platform that we use at this time but it may change if we feel there is a better opportunity that becomes available. We use other providers for differing propositions like life cover, which depend on your requirements. If you are investing execution only we will follow your wishes. Base line costs vary on the product or investment you are looking to invest in, and they are declarable up front to you prior to purchase.

Is Complete Adviser Independent?

We use completely independent financial advisers; this means we have no ties to any product providers. So you can be totally assured we are giving you the best deal for you, which is specific to your circumstances and not for anyone else.

Can I receive and bonuses for recommending a friend?

YES – if you refer a friend and they complete investment business with us then you both will be rewarded with £50 vouchers for either John Lewis or Marks and Spencer’s. This offer is available on life cover and investments once the quantifiable fees reach £200 on the new cover or investment being taken out.

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